Brazilian Breast Lift

Brazilian Breast Lift

Vacuum therapy for breasts is an instant breast lift without breast implants. Suction cups placed on the breasts stimulate an increase in amino acids resulting in noticeable lifting and enlargement of the breasts, without implants or surgery.

With each consecutive vacuum therapy treatment, the muscles beneath the breasts are toned, grow stronger and give the breasts a long-lasting full and uplifted appearance.

Redness and slight bruising may occur after your vacuum therapy breast treatment, but will disappear fairly fast. This is very normal and require no down time.

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Breast Lift FAQs

1Is a breast lift covered by insurance?

A breast lift is not covered by insurance.

2How many appointments are require for a full breast lift?

6-8 appointments are required for full results

3Do you lose sensation with breast lift?

Not at all as it is non-surgical 

4How much do the proceedures cost?

Please contact us directly for free consultation and package pricing. 250-212-0957

5How long do breast lift results last?

Brazilian Brest Lifts will last for upto a year with one to two maintenance treatments. 

6How long does a breast lift last?

A breast lift is approximately 1.5 hours for full results.

7How long does a breast lift take?

A breast lift generally takes 2-3 hours to perform.

8How painful is a breast lift?

The breast lift is pain free and has no downtime.

9How soon after breast lift can I exercise?

24 hours

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