Vacuum Therapy

What is vacuum therapy?

Vacuum therapy is a non-invasive treatment. It is performed with suction cups that suck on the skin, enabling the stimulation and irrigation of the lymphatic system and blood vessels. As a result, the skin gains a natural and firm appearance. The main purpose of vacuum therapy is to draw out fatty tissue and direct it directly to the lymphatic system.

The number 1 advantage of vacuum therapy is its very rapid effects. As a matter of fact, a firmer and lifted bum is observed from the very first session. The objective of the vacuum therapy is to enlarge this area of the body by concentrating the fat with the suction cup-fitted machine. The vacuum therapy machine essentially sucks on your buttocks, causing the body fat to firm them up and provide a long-lasting and permanent toning effect.

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1What is vacuum therapy treatment for buttocks?

The vacuum therapy treatment for buttocks lift helps to dislodge excess fat and stagnant fluids from the buttocks and thighs, thus facilitating the thinning of these areas. The treatment will also make it possible to sculpt the buttocks upwards in order to improve the silhouette (volumizing effect). The treatment ultimately reduces cellulite on the buttocks and thighs thanks to the back and forth effect of the suction cups which break up the fatty deposits.

2What is the cost of a vacuum therapy treatment for buttocks?

The price of a vacuum therapy treatment for buttocks is between $100-$150 per treatment. Note that it is necessary to do 8-10 treatments to have amazing  results.

3How long does vacuum therapy last (is it permanent or not)?

It's recommended to do 8 to 10 treatments close together initially. Results are permanent with yearly maintenance. 

4What are the side effects of vacuum therapy?

The vacuum therapy treatment is not dangerous, however, there are some slight side effects associated with it. Bruising may appear on the body after treatment, but it will go away quickly. In very rare cases, water blisters can also appear in people with very fragile skin. These will also disappear quickly. You can use a healing cream to speed up healing.

5Does vacuum therapy work for cellulite?

Heat Therapy is use to remove cellulite and can be added to any treatment.

6Does vacuum therapy for buttocks work?

The treatment works and can be paired with a healthy lifestyle and exercise. Indeed, vacuum therapy is not a miraculous treatment but a wonderful addition that can be made by someone already doing exercises that improve the buttocks such as squats, glute kickback or simply running for example. The suction cups will allow deep lymphatic drainage which will reduce the appearance of fat and cellulite on the buttocks. In addition, the buttocks will benefit from a volumizing effect which will give them a more rounded shape.

7Is Vacuum therapy is useful for weight loss?


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